Turn A Key. Own A Home.

Turn A Key. Own A Home.

by Dwellion Team |March 19, 2019 | Blogs

Turnkey contracting seems to be the latest trend in building construction circles in Chennai. Though the concept has been around since the 1980s, it is gaining popularity and momentum in our city as a formal contracting method only recently.

Responsibility In A Turnkey Contract Is With The Building Contractors In Chennai.

Traditionally, owning a home meant buying the land, designing the building, overseeing the construction, and finally moving in. It typically takes months or even years to get the entire process completed. The homeowner did most of the running around getting everything done – site inspections, approvals, design – with the help of building construction professionals, of course.

With turnkey contracting, the onus is on the building construction consultants in Chennai to take care of all the details from land acquisition to light fittings. They design, construct, furnish, and then hand over the completed building to the owner or investor. Though they come at a higher price, the cost would more or less come out close to what you would pay if you bought a barebones home and did the furnishing yourself.

So What Is Great About Turnkey Contracting? You May Ask Building Consultants in Chennai.

# It Saves Time

You no longer need to wait for months to take possession of your home. The construction processes are all done and over with by the time you come into the picture. You only need to do an inspection of the property and sign on the dotted line to buy it. The lack of time delay would help if you are moving into the city and would like to set up a permanent home right away, instead of having to rent a place while waiting for the construction of your home to be completed.

# It Saves Effort

Since the builder or promoter takes care of doing all the legwork, there is hardly any effort on your part to own one of these cookie-cutter homes. Not just the effort, it saves you from a lot of stress and tension that you will undergo while navigating your way through the minefield of red tape.

#Easy Buy Easy Sell

What is more, turnkey contracting constructions are just as easy to sell as it is to buy them. They make for excellent investment properties that you can immediately get returns on, by way of rent or resale. With fluctuations in the real estate market, they are the smarter assets to own too. So, if you have the capital to spare, do not hesitate to own one of these homes.

Things You Need To Know, If Opting For Turnkey Building Contractors in Chennai

That said, there are a few things you should do before you put a down payment on a turnkey construction. Get a thorough inspection done on the property with the help of professional experts and make sure there are no hidden issues or problems that could cause you headaches down the line. Check if the price you are paying comes without any caveats in the fine print and that it matches the prevailing market value.

With all this due diligence done, you could soon be the proud owner of a brand new home. Get in touch with your building consultant right away!

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