The recognitions that inspires us in every step we take!


The recognitions that inspires us in every step we take!

1: Can’t I design my house on my own, I am actually good in sketching!

Depends on whether you choose a doctor or go with your knowledge gained via Wikipedia when you are ill. Expert consultations always help when the stakes are high. Architects bring a lot of value additions to the project.

2: What is the difference between an architect and civil engineer?
A film director directs the movie and the artist acts on his lines! Both have their unique roles. We specialise in design. They specialise in constructing our design.

1: How long does it take to design?
Depends on the size and complexity of the project. First design presentation usually happens within a week.

2: Apart from Plans and Elevations what else do you provide?
Plans and Elevations are the most important scope of our works. But it requires a lot more to construct a good building. For the full list of services we offer, please visit (service provided page)

1:Architect interior designers in Chennai
Yes we are and that’s our strength. We always come up with unique and innovative ideas. We are trying to grow younger everyday in terms of design thoughts.

2: There are many architecture and interior design firms out there. Why should I choose dwellion.
Dwellion has a multi-faceted talent. People who’ve won national level design competitions, People who have expertise in many design areas such as Architecture Design, Interior Design, Lighting design, Environmental design, Sustainable and Green Designs, Building Information Modelling, Walkthrough / Flythrough Animations etc.

1: How much is the fee?
We charge based on the Square feet area of construction and varies based on the scope of work we are entitled to.

2: Why shouldn’t I hire a Freelance Architect who’ll do the job for a lesser fee?
We read this somewhere: Tajmahal would not have been so beautiful and everlasting if Shahjahan would have taken quotations and gone for the lowest. Please suit yourself.

3: Can I pay you after I see the design.
Though we value our time more than money, we don’t prefer to risk either of it. But we’ll make sure you are given enough opportunities to review our previous works better before signing up.

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