Various Phases of Architectural Services You Should Know

Architectural services are very important when it comes to the construction of any building or infrastructure. When it comes to architectural services, there is a wide array of services and designing is just a part of it. It is mainly done to enhance the look of the building or landscape. The architectural services come to play right from the conceptual stage to the completion of the construction. With the advancement of technology, all the designs can be created using a computer using a slew of design software available for the purpose.

Architecture Firms in Chennai Follow a Standard Framework

Notably, every project and client are distinct. There will be differences in the type of the building, location, method of construction, budget and other parameters. Despite these differences, the architectural services are categorized into different phases as mentioned below.

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding and Negotiation
  • Contract Administration

Best architecture firms in Chennai would work with you throughout all these phases in order to ensure that the project is completed as expected. And, they make sure they each phase is completed without exceeding your budget. Some firms will give you a breakdown of your fees and let you choose to either sign the contract or negotiate until you are satisfied.

Best Architecture Firms in Chennai Handle Designing Seamlessly

Highly rated architecture firms in Chennai have some of the skillful architects in the industry. This way, they keep the customers satisfied right from the beginning of the project to its completion. They work with your requirements and come up with some rough sketches initially to understand what you need. These conceptual drawings will not have a lot of details but can give you a rough idea of how your building will turn out. To put in simple words, it is like an outline to a drawing or painting. Once an overall idea of the building has been developed, they move on to the other major aspects of the building such as mechanical and electrical requirements.

Architectural Design PhasesOnce you are satisfied with the schematic design, you can proceed with the next phase. If not, you can ask the architect to tweak the design and refine it to make it suit your requirements. Then comes the discussion about the materials to be used and the colors that you want the building to have. And, you can also discuss about the ventilation, plumbing and electrical aspects of the building.

Highly rated Architecture Firms in Chennai Will Guide you Throughout the Project

Once the designing and other major aspects have been decided, the next step is to coordinate with the mechanical, structural and electrical engineers to eliminate any discrepancy in the implementation of these systems. The architectures with enough expertise will have the specifications written or documented to avoid issues in the future. These will dictate the quality and performance of all the components of the building. Basically, this phase takes a lot of time and effort as it is very important. After the finalization of these components, the best architecture firms in Chennai ensure that they help you review the results.

With an architect on your side while you are in the bidding phase of home construction, you can enjoy more benefits. They will aid you in coming up with a list of qualified contractors who will be on the big list and submitting the packages to the bidders. They also review the submitted bids, give you the right analysis and help you get an idea of the different figures you have received from the bidders. This phase makes sure that the contractors you consider for the construction project have read the blueprints correctly and provide an accurate bid for your project.

Finally, the construction administration phase is the next phase. The architecture firms in Chennai will administer the construction process and make sure the design is as planned. They visit the site during construction and address the field conditions if any. All these will help you as you may not be experienced in the process and only a skillful architect can manage all these tasks. So, it is important to make sure all these phases are done with care.

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