Get an Understanding of What to Ask your Architect Before Finalizing the Project

There is no denying that architectural services are very important in the construction of any building or infrastructure. Likewise, choosing the right architect for your project is also equally important. Sometimes, people might overlook this aspect but it is very important and should be done wisely. You shouldn’t take it lightly and select the person properly as your architect will have to be a good listener, problem solver and the brain behind your dream project.

So, here we have come up with some of the important questions that you should ask your architect before finalizing a specific person. Let’s take a look at these from below.

Architect Companies in Chennai have a Signature Style of Designing

Usually, architects will have a lot of creativity and adaptability and these attributes let them customize their style in order to suit their clients’ requirements. But there are some architects with an overriding design sensibility that is brought to every project. And, some have specific specializations that give a uniqueness to their design. You will get to know about the unique and signature style of the architect by talking to the person, so you can decide if that particular design will suit you or not.

When you visit some architect companies in Chennai, there is a fair chance that the person you meet regarding your project is not the one who will actually handle the designing. This is the case unless you hire a sole proprietor. Imagine a scenario wherein you happen to discuss to a person and feel satisfied and you get the designs from another person. In that case, you are sure to be disappointed. So, it is essential that you ask the architect if it will be the same person designing your project or someone else. Also, make sure you get the person’s contact details as you will have to meet the person pretty often until the completion of your project.

Best Architect Companies in Chennai Deliver Additional Services

In addition to designing, some of the best architects companies in Chennai can also handle a variety of other tasks. Some of these capabilities of architects are mentioned below.

  • Manage the overall project
  • Help in hiring a contractor
  • Provide you with necessary contracts
  • Check the work of the contractor
  • Come up with design adjustments
  • Review invoices

In order to avoid any grievances in the future, you will have to ask your architect and ensure the additional services that he or she is ready to provide apart from designing. Also, talk about the cost that the person will charge to provide these services.

Skillful architects can suggest reliable contractors in your locality and help in the process of evaluating the portfolio and bids as well. In some cases, they even suggest someone that has worked with in the past and arrange for a discussion before finalizing the project. This is really a boon as you might not be able to find the right contractor for your project easily.

Talking about the charges well in advance is very crucial. Predominantly, architects charge a fraction of the overall project cost. This percentage might range from 5% to 20% based on the provided services, the involved complexity, and popularity and experience of the architect. If you hire an architect without inquiring about the cost, then you might feel it too expensive in the midway. Hence, make sure you ask the architect whom you are planning to finalize for the project about the charge to get the work done and how and when the payments have to be made.

3D Drawings by Architect Companies in Chennai Can Give You A Clear Idea

Many architect companies will provide you with a 2D plan that is standard but not too easy to comprehend. But only the highly-rated architecture companies in Chennai will provide 3D drawings and renderings that can give you the exact feel of how the walls, windows and doors will be placed and how well it will turn out after the completion of the project. 3D images and renderings can be rotated and viewed from any angle. So, ensure to ask your architect about how the drawings and ideas will be presented. In the current scenario, a lack of 3D designing capabilities might make the candidate dated.

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