7 Essential Tips For Designing Bedrooms!

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There is a wealth of talent when it comes to architecture design works in Chennai. We have had well-established firms that have been in the business of residential interiors in Chennai for ages. But despite that, people often do not give enough time or thought to bedrooms. There is a perception that they are the most straightforward rooms to design. But a bedroom is the ultimate haven of privacy and comfort. So, spare no attention in making sure the bedrooms in your home are exactly that!

Seven Bedroom Design Tips For Residential And Commercial Interiors in Chennai!

Here are seven essential tips you need to know about and take care of while designing your bedrooms.

#1 Keep The Circulation Easy

Designing bedrooms can be tricky, as most of the space in the room will be taken up by the bed. That means to you need to configure elements like closets, wardrobes and even adjoining bathroom doors around the remaining space. This does not give much flexibility, so may need to get a little creative to make sure all of them accounted for with enough room to spare for circulation around the room.

The usual practice is to push the bed against one wall of the room – the bed wall. Figuring out the bed wall is the first step. Once you decide the best position for the bed, work out all other elements around it. But remember to always leave the three free sides of the bed available for easy circulation.

#2 Where Do The Other Furniture Go?

So the bed position has been sorted out. The built-in wardrobes, doors to the bathroom or a terrace are all configured. Now how do we fit the rest of the furniture in the room? Dressers, sitting areas, trunks, desks, and chairs – Where do they all go? Again, lay them out so as not to make navigation around the room restrictive and difficult to maneuver.

Take Care Of The View While Designing Residential Interiors in Chennai!

#3 The View

Every bedroom needs a good view. It could be a breathtaking vista of a white sand beach or just your garden in full bloom. But there has to be one. There is no better way to start a day than to wake up to a beautiful sight. So when you are designing a bedroom keep the view as the main focal point of the room. If there is not much scope for one, put windows on the side that gives plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Residential Interiors In Chennai Should Ensure Privacy Of Bedrooms.

#4 Privacy Matters

Bedroom designs should ensure utmost privacy of the occupants. That means, no direct view of the bed, the dressing area or the attached bathroom when looking from outside the door. Designers get around this problem by providing a small foyer or landing just inside the door. Only when you pass it will you be able to view the room. If you are standing in the hall or the kitchen looking in, you will just get to see the far wall of the foyer.

#5 The Great Outdoors

Wherever possible, ensure that you can build a connection to the outdoor environment of the home or building. French bay windows work spectacularly well in such scenarios. You can have the ground floor open to your garden or a higher floor opening on to terraces or balconies. In an ideal world, you should be able to get to the great outdoors with just a step or two outside your bedroom window!

So, do not take bedroom design lightly. A little more time and effort spent on it now will save from a world of problems in the long run!

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Turn A Key. Own A Home.

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Turnkey contracting seems to be the latest trend in building construction circles in Chennai. Though the concept has been around since the 1980s, it is gaining popularity and momentum in our city as a formal contracting method only recently.

Responsibility In A Turnkey Contract Is With The Building Contractors In Chennai.

Traditionally, owning a home meant buying the land, designing the building, overseeing the construction, and finally moving in. It typically takes months or even years to get the entire process completed. The homeowner did most of the running around getting everything done – site inspections, approvals, design – with the help of building construction professionals, of course.

With turnkey contracting, the onus is on the building construction consultants in Chennai to take care of all the details from land acquisition to light fittings. They design, construct, furnish, and then hand over the completed building to the owner or investor. Though they come at a higher price, the cost would more or less come out close to what you would pay if you bought a barebones home and did the furnishing yourself.

So What Is Great About Turnkey Contracting? You May Ask Building Consultants in Chennai.

# It Saves Time

You no longer need to wait for months to take possession of your home. The construction processes are all done and over with by the time you come into the picture. You only need to do an inspection of the property and sign on the dotted line to buy it. The lack of time delay would help if you are moving into the city and would like to set up a permanent home right away, instead of having to rent a place while waiting for the construction of your home to be completed.

# It Saves Effort

Since the builder or promoter takes care of doing all the legwork, there is hardly any effort on your part to own one of these cookie-cutter homes. Not just the effort, it saves you from a lot of stress and tension that you will undergo while navigating your way through the minefield of red tape.

#Easy Buy Easy Sell

What is more, turnkey contracting constructions are just as easy to sell as it is to buy them. They make for excellent investment properties that you can immediately get returns on, by way of rent or resale. With fluctuations in the real estate market, they are the smarter assets to own too. So, if you have the capital to spare, do not hesitate to own one of these homes.

Things You Need To Know, If Opting For Turnkey Building Contractors in Chennai

That said, there are a few things you should do before you put a down payment on a turnkey construction. Get a thorough inspection done on the property with the help of professional experts and make sure there are no hidden issues or problems that could cause you headaches down the line. Check if the price you are paying comes without any caveats in the fine print and that it matches the prevailing market value.

With all this due diligence done, you could soon be the proud owner of a brand new home. Get in touch with your building consultant right away!

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Ribbon Windows Make A Design Statement!

by Priya |February 19, 2019 |2 Comments | Blogs, Ribbon Window Design

History Of The Ribbon Windows, According To Some Of The Best Architects In Chennai For Residential Buildings

The term “Ribbon Window” was first introduced in the 1920s by Le Corbusier in his architectural treatise, “Five Points of New Architecture” which he developed during the early part of his career. These five architectural principles formed the foundation of his designs and are perfectly exemplified in his seminal work, the “Villa Savoye” in Poissy, France.

The underlying principle of the Corbusian approach is removing the function of load bearing from the exterior or facade walls. Since the bulk of the load gets distributed among the interior walls and columns, this technique frees up the design possibilities of a building’s exterior to a remarkable extent. Architects can now play around with the facade without having to worry about structural constraints. They could make cuts and breaks anywhere on the facade without compromising its structural integrity. Ribbon windows were the direct result of such freedom in design.

What is a Ribbon Window, Anyway? Ask House Architects In Chennai!

The original Corbusian ribbon window is a long, continuous strip of horizontal windows cut into the exterior walls of a building. Before the appearance of ribbon windows, buildings typically had a near-monolithic block-like appearance relieved only by independent windows here and there. Though the idea of ribbon windows originated in the 1920s, it is still relevant and remains a regularly used architectural design concept in modern buildings.

Besides contributing significantly to the aesthetic quotient, ribbon windows also facilitate the flow of natural light into the interior of a building.

Architects in Chennai for residential buildings do not content themselves with following the original definition of ribbon windows. They have reworked the basic idea into several innovative and creative designs that have contributed to what is known as the “Neo-Corbusian” body or work.

Here are some of the ways how modern buildings use ribbon windows.

Examples Of Designs Using Ribbon Windows, From Commercial Building Architects in Chennai!

Vertical Ribbons

Ribbon windows are traditionally horizontal constructs. But, present days architects have been experimenting with many vertical permutations as well. They even go for a combination of both horizontal and vertical elements joined together into one contiguous unit. There are examples where the vertical ribbon windows traverse across stories, even keeping with the pitch of the roof.

Wrap-Around Windows

Why limit yourself to just one wall, when you can even create ribbon windows that wrap around more than one exterior wall of the building without any break. Some buildings have them built into the facade as well as the sides of the building in one uninterrupted strip of glass.

Stair Wells and Landings

Many architects love to use ribbon windows on exterior walls that cover staircases and the landings at each level. Stairwells can be dark places with very little natural light filtering in from the lone windows on the wall. With ribbon windows, they practically become flooded with bright, natural light.

Hanging Walls

Sometimes, ribbon windows are used to frame a side or two of a building, leaving a patch of wall in the middle. They greatly enhance the look of a building.

As you can see, you can get highly creative with ribbon windows! Consult top residential architects in Chennai about adding these elegant architectural elements into your dream home!

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5 Handy Tips To Transform Residential Interiors in Chennai!

by Priya |January 29, 2019 |2 Comments | Blogs, Interior Design

Are you looking for ways to spruce up things for a fresh new look to your home? Want to add a designer twist to your humble abode? Here are five quick ways to lift the elegance factor of your home to a whole new level with some simple styling tricks.

Five Quick Home Styling Tips From Premier Building Designers In Chennai!

Centre of Attraction

Transform your living room with a bold, statement art deco piece that will define the design style of your entire home. It could be a massive painting in bright, vibrant colours, or a large portion of beautiful fabric or canvas mounted on an elegant frame. Some experts of residential interiors in Chennai even suggest going for mirrors which have the added advantage of creating an illusion of space. Pick a favourite and let it speak for itself. You can build the rest of the decor around this central element. Also, having a piece of that size means you do not have to add many more items to complete the decor of your living. It might help to use neutral or muted shades for the rest of the room so that this piece de resistance stands out in its place of pride!

United We Stand

Using groups of decor elements rather than adding individual pieces all over the place can elevate the interiors of your home. Groupings make a stronger design statement as a whole than as separate pieces. You may use bottles of different colours, or vases of different sizes, or pots of various shapes holding different plants or even hanging lamps and lanterns. You may also consider grouping candles of varying colours and sizes together, which you can light together. But always use an odd number of elements – 3 or 5 works best. Put them together on a table or mantelpiece or in one corner of your room and watch them transform your living space.

Printed Material

Use exciting patterns and prints in decor elements such as cushions, rugs, curtains, and throws to create visual contrasts. Nature prints in spring greens and autumn golds, or geometric patterns and recurring fractals are all popular choices Zentangle designs and mandalas are gaining popularity as well. But do not go overboard with them. Remember to add in a healthy dose of solid colours and textured fabrics too.

You Can Transform Your Space With A Little Help From Nature, Say Expert Interior Decorators From Architect Firms in Chennai!

Bringing Nature Indoors

Indoor plants are always an excellent choice for livening up your home. They are inexpensive and look beautiful in any setting. They help in bringing the great outdoors inside your house erasing a few boundaries in the process. Choose a variety of hardy indoor plants and strategically place them in the nooks and corners blessed with natural light.

“Less Is More” Is The Home Styling Mantra Of Building Developers in Chennai!

Go Minimal

Finally, always remember that Less is More in all your decor decisions. Show some restraint when adding design elements. Do not clutter up the room with too many articles as that will only end up making the place looked cramped and stuffy. You can find the right balance only by trial and error, but it is better to err on the side of minimalism.

With these excellent tips, you can never go wrong in decorating the interiors of your home!

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